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Our Services

OTS Ghana Ltd is an Indigenous Ghanaian Company. which meets Local Content Policy and has a Valid PC Upstream Permit

    Proof Load Testing

    Proof Load Testing using water load bags are widely recognised as the most practical and safest load test solution worldwide. The bags are the most effective way to load test cranes, davits, derricks, winches, and virtually any other lifting equipment or load-bearing structure.
    OTS Ghana Ltd has a wide range of water load bags from 2t to 35t . We also have 375Kg sausage bags tobe used in life boats , davits and gangways.

    Specialist Engineers

    Engineers start off with minimum of HND in Mechanical Engineering before specialising into Lifting and Rigging, Condition Monitoring, Crane Inspection, NDT, Rope Access etc

    Condition Monitoring

    With our Partner in world leading technology Emerson we are able to provide round the clock Data analysis, recording, local and remote interpretation, vibration, thermographic and peak view* technology

    NDT Services

    Non Destructive Testing can be carried out by Visual Examination or by using Magnetic Partical Inspection, Dye Penetrant, Ultra Sonic Testing, Eddy Current, Phased Array ,Radiography or thickness gauging.

    Wire Rope Manufacturing

    Wire Rope manufacturing to BS EN 31414 or in accordance with DNV. Also webbing slings, round slings, flat slings, shackles, master links , lifting accessories are all available


    Pressure Testing is a non-destructive test performed to ensure the integrity of the pressure shell on new pressure equipment, or on previously installed pressure and piping equipment that has undergone an alteration or repair to its boundary(s).


    Lifting & Rigging Engineers can carry out Inspections on Lifting Equipment, accessories such as links, shackles, wire & synthetic slings. Also Cranes, forklifts, On or Offshore facilities

    Rope Access

    Developed in the 1990’s from caving and climbing techniques, rope access was designed to solve the industrial sector’s most difficult access challenges. It answers the question, “How can we possibly get to that space?” Not only is rope access able to get workers to that difficult space, but workers were able to reach it safely without costing too much money. with our Level III Rope Access Technician OTS Engineers are also trained in Rope Access

    Lifting Equipment Supply

    We have a large range of lifting equipment and accessories in stock, all types of slings, shackles, hoists, chains, hooks, connectors, lever hoists, chain blocks . Also a good range of safety equipment. All come with Certification and only provided by the leading manufacturers.

    We also have a good range of water load bags, life boat testing system, shackles, load cells and rigging for rental.


    We offer a large range of internal and external certification, and we offer training courses to meet our client’s requirements. Our instructors are fully qualified and experienced in their chosen field, as well as the theoretical part of the training we believe in hands on training and our instructors will be fully involved in the practical training side of the course.

    We also offer competent assessment to SQA Standards and also offer our clients their own internal competent route or individuals can work towards a recognised qualification NVQ/SVQ.

    About Us

    Its about doing things right, using the right standards within the right regulations and doing the job safely. From job application through Tool box talks to lifting plans and application in the safest manner.
    OTS Ghana Ltd also fully complies to Ghanaian Local Content Law and has a valid Petroleum Commission Upstream Permit.

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