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Strainstall Partner

With over 50 years’ experience, Strainstall deliver custom-made asset monitoring solutions for the unique challenges faced by its customers. By providing immediate insights that enable predictive maintenance, Strainstall’s innovations are proven to enhance asset safety and performance.
Supported by the wider James Fisher and Sons plc, Strainstall’s UK-based engineering team develops robust and reliable solutions that deliver accurate measurement in the most challenging environments.
Strainstall serve a wide range of high-assurance applications including:
Oil and Gas Asset Assurance
Wellsite monitoring solutions (WMS) removes the need for cabled sensors during well intervention operations, utilising proven and certified sensors augmented to improve safety and create operational efficiencies in hazardous areas.
Our most advanced system, BerthManager™ stems from Strainstall’s marine operational expertise and full understanding of the value of an intelligent monitoring system providing key information during critical phases of vessel approach and mooring load management.
Mining & Quarrying
The system eliminates the risk of downtime of industrial conveyor belts, bulk handling and quarry systems by monitoring chain tension against pre-set limits. The system automatically increases or decreases the tension, stops the conveyor or generates alarms to allow operators to take corrective action before any failure occurs.
Ports and Terminals
CWS™, specifically developed to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s amendments to SOLAS safety guidelines, delivers accurate weight verification data in real-time, as part of a ports regular lifting cycle.
Vessel Monitoring
StressAlert™ is proven to enhance vessel safety and increase operational efficiency by providing real-time feedback on hull stress conditions. The system provides instant access to a vessel’s hull stress status, course, speed and metocean information to increase safety, operational efficiency and fuel savings.